Bare ass

Slipped into a stop-n-rob at a gas station to pay for gas since I couldn’t make the auto thingie work. Found a tall, young white woman waiting two back from the counter with a long cleavage above a low tank top. Had to excuse myself to get behind her as she was close to the shelves. Very pretty with freckles and long, red hair. When I got behind her I was confronted with her bare round ass fully exposed through a cutout in a pair of elastic shorts. Amazing. Beautiful. I wish now I had taken a picture with my phone.

When she’d moved to the counter and paid for something with coins she had to count out she turned to leave and gave me a quizzical smile which I returned. I watched her leave marveling at her nakedness in a public place that was not a beach. I thought maybe her bare ass was her way of saying it was for sale. I felt sorry for her, exposing herself like that, even though I have heard it is actually fashionable with some young women nowadays. If that’s what it was, okay, but I doubt it. I sent her love…and gratitude.

4 responses to “Bare ass

  1. That’s poetry. As a European I’m allowed to say that.

  2. It was a kind of poetry. I only hope she had a gun in her handbag.

  3. She was in an expensive neighborhood where she was unlikely to be raped. But she’s just asking for trouble if she doesn’t have a gun or a can of mace.