Refund the police

Give back the one-third of their budget the progressive Dimocrat (and one self-proclaimed communist) Austin city council took away? Well, it’s on the ballot anyway. Enough alarm about rising violent crimes got it there by petition. Whether it will pass is anybody’s guess.

There’s no question that the Austin police had a reputation for killing while arresting. So if they get their money back, we’ll have to see if they’ve learned anything. If it’s back to shoot-first policing, the defunders will be back in business. Just sayin’

UPDATE: Fortunately, Antifa and BLM never got a foothold here and, so far, they haven’t turned Austin into shithole Portland.

MORE: The restoration failed, big time.

2 responses to “Refund the police

  1. People’s minds seemed really blown by the correlation between defunding the police and rising crime. They were legitimately surprised when that was the result. If there is a difference between how police respond to white and black suspects then it needs to be addressed. But defunding the police isn’t the answer. Instead you encourage police to shoot more white thugs who aren’t complying. They need to make it clear that the color of your skin isn’t a factor in whether your brains get blown out.

  2. They’ve been pretty even-handed about who they shoot and/or kill. It’s just that the local media is so biased, and the race hustlers so plentiful, that minorities get the publicity while we seldom hear about the whites.