The J6 Shit Show

I dismiss the “findings” of the J6 panel, because they’re entirely one-sided. As always with Democrat political shit shows. The long-running Russia hoax. The Charlottesville “fine people” lie. Trump “transcripts” edited to remove exculpatory evidence such as telling his supporters to “peacefully” show their displeasure and then “go home in love and peace.”

Republicans who would argue the other side were dismissed from the panel before the shit show began. Only Cheney and Kinzinger allowed to stay because they’re fully in line with the Democrat “findings.”  As for the “rioters,” some of them are still in jail, despite only being charged with misdemeanors. No bail. No due process evident. Not only in jail but in solitary, which is well-known to mess with most people’s minds.

Triumph of evil, indeed. That’s our massive, intrusive, over-taxing federal government, with its almost 100 percent establishment Democrat bureaucracy, also known as the swamp. With thieving politicians on all sides. I don’t blame them for being afraid of Trump. He brought in the lowest unemployment figures in decades, for both minorities and whites. Energy independence for the first time since the 1950s. With resulting low gas prices and low inflation.

All over now. Back to establishment rule and the climate-change hoax will be impoverishing millions of American families for years to come. Our open border further diminishing the prospects of citizens. Mules lining up to stuff the ballot boxes to keep the correct people in office. And one-sided shit shows. With lots of Hollywood razzle-dazzle to disguise the fact that it’s all a lie.

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