My take on abortion

I think it should be available with a 10-14 week cutoff or to save the life of the mother-to-be. But the widespread use with few or no restrictions, under Roe v Wade, was depressing, especially after the revelations of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts.

(Fetus, it’s a fetus. And tissue.)

And now, shortly after the Supremes aborted Roe, PP is going out of business, altogether, despite assurances that abortion was only three percent of their business and women’s health the other 97 percent. I never believed that was true. But it may have been that the 3 percent (or whatever percent was true) enabled their body part business, which brought in the most money.

Abortion will undoubtedly still be a business in California, New York and other blue states, with probably few restrictions, while Texas and other red states reverse the country’s dwindling birth rate and possibly even take it back to where it was not so long ago. Well, before the almost fifty years of Roe.

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