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Dorothy, I don’t think we’re in Portland anymore

The word on the street (i.e. the Internet) was that Austin was the place to riot this weekend. The cops also hear such things and, reinforced by the State Police,  started pushing the crowds to disperse before the sun went down. Then they brought in horses…

UPDATE:  Minneapolis police advise: Surrender your wallet and phone to criminals and obey them

Red State in Austin

Gov. Rick Perry is supposed to speak to a conference in town this morning run by the RedState blog. Blogs run conferences? I didn’t know that. My inside source tells me both the daily and Associated Press had trouble finding anyone to cover it but one supposedly is going to blog it. If they do I’ll update this with whatever they come up with. (No, I won’t make any snide remark about how they’d have no trouble if it was, say, some prominent Dem. Uh, uh. Not me.)

UPDATE: Perry, according to the daily, told RedState’s conferencing conservative bloggers: “Austin is a very safe city, but there’s some legacy-type media wandering around. And they blame you for the decline of the industry.”

And checkout the usual liberal/Left ranting comments at the bottom of the daily’s blog entry on the story.