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The Center for Disease Confusion is on the case


Not to worry Dallas. After six years of Obozo and his merry men running the country, you know we’re all in good hands when it comes to Ebola. They’ll have this epidemic licked in no time.

Why, the White House court media already is confident of the outcome.

UPDATE: Second nurse, third Dallas case, got CDC permission before she flew. Isn’t that precious? And notice that all we’re hearing about is her flight from Cleveland to Dallas, not how she got to Cleveland in the first place. I suppose we can rule out a train.

Third Ebola case in Dallas

Another health care worker tests positive. The boyfriend of the second case. (See update below.) More contacts to track down and test.

Nevermind staying out of Dallas. If you’re already there, now might be a good time to leave. Before this wildfire spreads farther.

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UPDATE:  Third apparently is not the boyfriend of the first nurse but a second nurse. She apparently was in contact with 132 passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight who are now being asked to contact the CDC. Whoo-hoo.

Stop Ebola in Texas: Wash your hands

“Washing your hands and avoiding occasions of exposure will help you more than all the public assurances in the world. If you suspect infection, do your duty and turn yourself in. Odd word that: duty. But duty is what saved the herd in history; saved the herd in World War 2. The very same duty the Left laughs at and lumps in the same dustbin of history as that 100 year old document that nobody reads any more. And science. Not affirmative action or quota or “committed” science. But science, period. Duty and science, not amulets, voodoo, talk shows, assurances,security theater or muted alarms can stop Ebola.” —Richard Fernandez, PJMedia.

And stay the hell out of Dallas.

UPDATE:  Patient Zero died Oct. 8. Now to wait and see if he infected others. Meanwhile, at the Texas State Fair, even Big Tex has ebola on his “mind.”

Ebola in Texas

First confirmed U.S. case. In Dallas, where else? Well, it could have been Houston. And the feds are unprepared. Except in four states and, of course, Texas isn’t one of them.

Gee, I wonder how that happened. Eh, Barry? Open borders and no airline screening might have something to do with it. But, hey, we’re all sure taking our shoes off at the airport. Security theater plays on and on, as Ebola spreads.

N95 masks are selling really well at Amazon. Probably just a coincidence. And CDC protocols call for those exposed to be quarantined for 21 days. There’s an economy killer. Even better than “climate change” which (wouldn’t you know it) is getting the blame.

How to avoid Ebola: Among other things avoid people bleeding from the eyes. And be sure to stay away from Dallas. Could be smart to ignore Money Mag and avoid McKinney, too. Oh, and save those trash bags.

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UPDATE:  There seems to be a second Ebola patient in Dallas. And five schoolkids are being “monitored” at home while their five schools are checked. Why do I think this is going to get worse? Best bet: stay away from Dallas and read this book!