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Rule 5: Brenna Spencer

Not a plus-size model by any stretch, but I just like girls with guns and women for Trump as well. And, yes, super tight jeans.

Rule 5: Girls With Guns


A not-unfamiliar sight in Israel. Certainly would improve the landscape here.

Rule 5: Kimber Collins

Img_0378-TargetsPinkDressRevolver (1)

Just to mix it up a little, here’s an entry from Smits’ 2014 Girls With Guns Calendar.

Rule 5: Tal Shahar


An IDF staff sergeant paramedic in Operation Protective Edge.

Via Ynet News.


IDF girls with guns: Rule 5

Girl with guns: Rule 5

Danica, from the gallery of Oleg Volk.

Girls with guns: Rule 5

Speaking of Israel, let’s hear it for the women of the IDF. Not always what you’d expect. These gals come at you directly. They don’t sneak into your house at night and murder your toddlers and babies in their sleep.

UPDATE: The New York Times and CNN coverup, adding insult to infanticide, while Palestinians in Gaza danced in the streets and handed out candy. You know, like on 9/11.