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Rule 5: Paratrooper boots

Rule 5: Brenna Spencer

Not a plus-size model by any stretch, but I just like girls with guns and women for Trump as well. And, yes, super tight jeans.

Rule 5: Girls With Guns


A not-unfamiliar sight in Israel. Certainly would improve the landscape here.

Rule 5: Kimber Collins

Img_0378-TargetsPinkDressRevolver (1)

Just to mix it up a little, here’s an entry from Smits’ 2014 Girls With Guns Calendar.

Rule 5: Tal Shahar


An IDF staff sergeant paramedic in Operation Protective Edge.

Via Ynet News.


IDF girls with guns: Rule 5

Girl with guns: Rule 5

Danica, from the gallery of Oleg Volk.