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Exhausting respite

Had thought to take off this July 4th Independence Day but find I can’t stop clearing out the books (and more books) and other “excessive personal possessions,” as our paid pre-inspector genteelly termed it.

Only got 2 and a half weeks until the painters commence on the rancho, inside and out. And then probably showing the place for sale. By which time we should have closed on the condo, which is way too small for excessive anything. And moved Mr. Boy’s desired artifacts to a storage unit.

So it’s continue continue today. We’ll probably sit out after dark to see/hear the illegal fireworks in the neighborhood. If the mosquitoes ain’t too bad, after all the rain we’ve been having in this very wet year.

UPDATE:  The illegal fireworks were cool this year

Austin gone squatter

Already ruling over among the most crowded (and expensive-to-live-in) cities in Texas, the far-left Austin city council has now decreed that street camping is legal everywhere in the city—except in parks and around (naturally) city hall.

Squatters panhandling for booze and drug money are legal to set up right outside your door, Ms Businessperson and Mr Homeowner “…and the garbage, feces, urine, used needles and other issues associated with legalized squatting that we have all already seen in Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

The police are not taking it well: “…the Austin Police Association has raised an unofficial revolt online. In a series of posts on Facebook, the APDs union and public relations arm have detailed the utter stupidity of this policy in polite, even political, language.”

Quite stupid, liberals. And sure to lead to violence. Fair warning: better stay out of the rancho’s neighborhood, campers. Some of us are armed and dangerous.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE: The American left is seriously out of control

Moving on

Been skipping blogging in this hectic week with much less and much more to come. We’re downsizing, buying a condo and selling the rancho. So lots of repairs  here and there, and painting here, and so forth to get ready to move in and sell out.

And, meanwhile, there’s the culmination of the drama of getting my step-daughter an apartment in a very crowded (and getting more crowded) and very expensive (and getting more so) town, which finally seems solved. She picks up the keys tomorrow. No washer/dryer but beggars and choosers.

Pretty exhausting for a 75-year-old. I’m pacing myself. Napping afternoons. So, now, all my (3+) commenters should not worry about why I’m not keeping up hereabouts. But thanks for asking.

Flood watch

Been keeping an eye on weather radar since we’re under a flood watch until Saturday afternoon. Got the place dry enough, until I smelled mildew and discovered a cardboard box in the closet that was soaked.

Got the box out to the front porch. Full of old CDs as well as water. I left it on the porch. I hope someone steals it. Meanwhile used towels to clean up the water and put a fan on the spot to further dry it out. Going to buy some Lysol spray for the walls.

Any more tips, your Excellency? Two walls in the closet are concrete but the back wall may be sheet-rock. Not sure. Suppose I should say the death toll so far stands at one. A fellow who was swept from downtown into the river/lake and found floating, drowned. Long way from the rancho happily.

The flood

Used to say we don’t get no floods up here in the hills. Forgot about the towel brigade because it hadn’t happened in a few years, ground saturated above us here in the valley. Thought to myself, when it was pouring outside tonight, should get out of bed and check. Didn’t. Getting old.

Until an hour or so after the rain stopped. Stepped into water in the family room, the lowest part of the house. Not quite ankle-deep but has soaked the big rug good. Have been using a wet-vac but it’s slow going. Probably better to let it evaporate under the fans and with the door open.

Until the rain starts up again about noon. Towel brigade and flood vaccing then. Going to call a rug cleaner that picks up and delivers about 8 a.m. to get ahead of the rush maybe. Will update.

UPDATE:  Got the rug out for drying and cleaning. Then fought off another flood about 1 pm , until I started losing. Then the storm quit us. Whew.

Thrones adieu

Have now watched the first episode of the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones. Several times, in fact. Will watch again tomorrow with Bar.

Good to see the old gang again. Wonder how it will all play out. I think they will not drag out the battle but save time for resolutions for all. Shall see.


Sent Mr. Boy his Eastertime chocolate bunny and one for his girlfriend. Got tread milling done for another day. Cleaned out the litter box. Soon off to the lawyer for changes to my will. Thence to UPS to return some clothes for Bar that don’t fit. Finally to H.E.B. for food.

Then nap time!