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Texas loses another squeaker

Texas 10, Oklahoma State 13 in overtime.

Texas, 3-4, has a superior defense but a lackluster offense.

Maybe it’s time to let Buchele quarterback the offense, eh?

And bring back the running game that isn’t Sam E.

USC 27, Texas 24

Heckuva game. Double overtime. Was a defensive game, obviously from the score, and Texas had a weaker offensive line and an erratic freshman QB.

Still, it was well worth the watching. Texas was a 16.5 point underdog and was supposed to be crushed. Not hardly. Only wish they’d won.

ESPN’s political decline

“’ESPN’s shift toward more cultural and political content,’ admits Mr. Brady, ‘is noted with derision by some fans.’ And no wonder, but the network is choosing not to listen to them. Mr. Brady concludes by instructing customers, ‘ESPN has made it clear: It’s not sticking to sports.’”

And they don’t spot the political ball on the 50 yard line. It’s pure leftism.

I canceled my Net subscription to ESPN’s college football highlights some time ago. Since the Big 12 common taters were lost in the channel’s mass firings of mostly whites, I won’t be coming back.


Big 12 doormat beats Texas

I had a bad feeling about the Texas-Kansas game even before it started. After that, well, except for their spectacular first down score, watching the Texas offensive line struggle to keep their QB clean and him keep throwing interceptions, confirmed it.

So when Texas lost 24-21 in overtime, probably the lowest score in a Big 12 game in the past decade, I wasn’t all that surprised. Not when it included five (by my count) turnovers. Gone are the days when you didn’t worry when Texas fell behind cause you knew they’d pull it out. Not anymore.

Poor Texas, they can’t win for losing. They had a shot at their first winning season in the Charlie Strong era. Now it’s gone. Even if they can beat TCU at home the day after Thanksgiving (a very big if) they’ll end the season at 6-6. And it’s much more likely TCU (5-5, 3-4) will throttle them.

UPDATE:  It was Texas first loss to Kansas since 1938. As Mr. B. said: They beat Notre Dame and then lost to Kansas. How does it happen? Or as the daily’s Cedric Golden put it: “So Texas and Rhode Island now share something in common: Both have lost a football game to the 2016 Kansas Jayhawks.” Arguably the worst team in college football.

Texas wins opener 50-47

Great game, Texas! Tyrone and Shane make a great pair of quarterbacks. Notre Dame also played two and they were also good, just not good enough at the end.

The daily’s sports writer Cedric Golden said they’d win tonight and they did, if just barely. But they looked much better than last year, offense, defense and special teams. May indeed be headed for a winning season and a bowl game for a change. Hookem!

UPDATE:  Then the AP Top 25 poll of sports writers ranked them 11th, first ranking since 2013. Coaches poll has them at 20th which might be more realistic.

Bench-clearing in football?

Seen it in baseball, sure, but college football? Any football? But somehow, with the whole Baylor team on the Texas sidelines, only Texas gets a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Weird.

Nice to see Texas at 17-0, but it can’t last. Can it? Naw. Not this season.

UPDATE: Welll… At the half it’s Texas 20, Baylor nothing. Lots of Baylor penalties and lost yardage, turnovers, field-goal kickers missing, and losing their QB early on to injury, to be replaced by a guy who can’t pass very well (sort of like Tyrone, actually), has kept the Bears off the board. This can’t last. Can it?

MORE:  Well, it did and it didn’t. Texas got the upset 23-17, sure enough, but they managed only 3 points in the whole second half. It’s more likely that fate had it in for Baylor than that Texas proved to be a better team than we thought. They got lucky, while Baylor’s luck ran out.

Texas Fight

Strong’s team played physical. It ran the ball 58 times and in such dominating fashion, Texas had not one but two 100-yard rushers, and quarterback Jerrod Heard had to pass only 11 times to avoid complete boredom. His defensive line wore out the Sooners and put OU quarterback Baker Mayfield on his back six times. When he was upright, Texas harassed him into short gains on scrambles. For much of the day, the quarterback was running for his life.”

Sort of like what TCU did to Heard. Anyhow. It was quite a game. Not a loss and not boring. Running is not what most Big 12 teams do but if you have a dominating, blitzing defense like UT did you can limit their passing, eh, Chuck?