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Westlake’s newest legend

Rich, largely white Westlake High School has a new football legend in the Eagles’ Nick Foles. Move over Drew Brees.

Via The Daily

Those hapless Horns

The terrible thing about Longhorns football these days is not just that they lose so often, but that they do it so boringly. Every time they get the football you just know they’re not going to do anything spectacular with it.

A Texas Tech team can almost beat TCU one week, then fall spectacularly to Baylor the next. The Horns almost beat Cal and the Little Okies and then roll over and play dead for TCU. They were scary bad.

Now all the fair-weather Horns fans want Charlie Strong’s head on a platter. But we know he’ll get another season to keep trying to turn things around. And he should. Just making their play less boring would help, Chuck. A few trick plays, maybe?

Faith-first Tebow

The common sportswriter narrative seems to be that Timmy T. has no chance to ever again be an NFL starting quarterback. Too inconsistent. Too etc. Not to mention the common Legacy Media-bane of too openly religious.

But the daily’s sportswriter Ced Golden admits that he likes Tebow’s faith-first attitude over the me-first attitude of most highly-paid NFL players. No kidding.

I also bet that’s why so many millions (41.9 million of them tuning in for the 11-second overtime last week, according to Ced) in this last-of-the-religious Western countries have made Tim a superstar.

UPDATE:  The Patriots rout of Tebow and the Broncos was not unexpected.

But, just as Tebow did not deserve the whole credit for the Broncos defeat of the Steelers—afterall, the receiver had to catch the pass and outrun his pursuers into the end zone—he hardly deserves the whole blame for the loss to the Patriots.

His receivers were either unable to shake their pursuers or they kept dropping his passes. And his offensive line couldn’t keep the Patriots defense from chasing him down before he had time to pass. It’s a team game, and, in that game at least, the Patriots were a much better team.

Good sports analysis

The daily’s good sportswriters, Kirk Bohls, Cedric Golden, Suzanne Halliburton and Alan Trubow are the icing on the cake after a satisfying Texas win. Even when the Longhorns lose, KB, CG, SH, and AT are there to explain why. Around the rancho, they complement the good game announcing/commentary of KVET-FM ("The Genuine Austin Original") and their Longhorn Radio Network. Thanks, guys, we wouldn’t enjoy it half as much without you.

Henry’s gangsta image

The daily’s Cedric Golden reveals that Longhorns reserve running back and special teams player James Henry’s arrest on two felonies was predictable from his glamorizing of the thug life on his MySpace page, which has been taken down. Ced says Coach Mack Brown needs to follow Penn State Coach Joe Paterno, whose troubled (and well-behaved) Nittany Lions are all cleaning out the stadium after home games this year because six of them were arrested in the preseason.

Longhorns go 11-1?

That’s the prediction of sportswriter Ced Golden, in the daily, predicting a loss to Nebraska or Texas Tech. Mostly likely, he concludes, to Nebraska. Some of his colleagues are even more pessimistic, forecasting up to four losses and even another season-ending injury for the Tuscola Kid, QB Colt McCoy. Ced’s more optimistic, and I certainly am, but I wish he’d take back that loss to Nebraska.