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Booster benefits

Bar’s sister who is an RN and head of nursing at a local hospital says after the staff were given their boosters they tested out at antibody levels of 2,000. However long it lasts is the question that won’t be answered for a while, but it starts off strong.

UPDATE: 900 is good enough.

Bar’s daughter has Covid

No fancy infusion, nor Ivermectin. Just staying home from work and taking Metamucil. Has had the first two shots, but missed out on the booster. But she’s only 27. She does have heart trouble, which could turn bad. But we’re keeping an ear out for her via iPhone As well as her aunt, Bar’s sister, who is an RN. So far, she says, “it’s a bad case of the flu but I don’t feel like I’m dying.”

Pulling out the stops

A pipe organ term I believe but this time for the wife of another OCS bud who has Covid. Her doc has prescribed Ivermectin and intravenous infusion of antioxidants. Fortunately she has had all three jabs, but, then, she’s in her seventies with asthma.

F*** Joe Biden!

When large sports crowds chant an obscenity to the president, you know the magisterial bloom is off the White House rose.

“Today, the economy is in chaos, supply chains have been disrupted, inflation is soaring, race relations are poisonous, crime including murder is way up, the energy business is assaulted on all fronts even as the industrialized nations face the prospect of a winter without reliable power….

“And yet the befuddled Biden’s principal concern is forcing a thoroughly anti-American, unconstitutional series of vaccination ‘mandates’ on the American work force that has—thankfully—finally brought the country to its boiling point.

“Let’s go, Brandon!”

Irish democracy at its finest.

Via Instapundit

Unvaxxed die

Lee, one of my OCS chums, has lost his daughter to the Wuhan virus, just a little over a month after her husband died of it. Neither were vaccinated. Both had co-morbidities. They leave two young daughters. Our hearts are broken.

Super Spreader?

Mr. Boy was home for the weekend to attend the Austin City Limits music festival at Zilker Park. He estimated that 100,000 others were there with him, shoulder to shoulder, some masked many not. He’s been vaxed with the Pfizer twice, so he wasn’t worried, but whether he should have been remains to be seen.

Biden underwater

Hovering right at 40 percent approval, Lyin’ Biden could cost the Dims the House and Senate next year. Hard to see how he could turn the Afghanistan fiasco around now. Interesting how the pollsters avoid giving one number but insist on giving us an analysis that confuses things. The Mediacrats prefer it that way for their own.

UPDATE: So he changed the subject to vaccine mandates. Or tried to.