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Couldn’t make E-4 in six years?

The telling thing about the Dallas murderer (to anyone who has ever served, but I realize that is a diminishing number of Americans in the age of never-served Obama) is that he couldn’t make E-4 in six years in the Army reserves.

E-4 ain’t surgery. It ain’t quantum physics. It’s normally a pro forma boost from PFC. No big deal. E-5 is a big deal. But not E-4. But Micah Johnson, Mr. “I -want-to-kill-white-people” was too fuckin’ dumb, or more likely too fuckin’ lazy, to do it.

And now we get to hear Miss Alabama (the first black woman voted Miss Alabama) call him a martyr. A martyr to stupidity, maybe. A martyr to poor shooting. Yes he killed five and wounded seven. It took him a reported sixty rounds to do it. And he hit a black woman. That is really piss-poor shooting.

As Kurt Schlichter, the retired Army infantry colonel-turned-conservative columnist (who reminded me that Johnson couldn’t make E-4), says: It’s time to step back folks. 1968 remix will not be fun. The angry blacks who keep marching and rioting (and spiking cops’ food in North Carolina) aren’t going to get what they want, least of all through the barrel of a gun. There simply aren’t enough of them. Nor do they have enough allies.

And probably most of the armed ones are as poor shots as Miss Alabama’s too-dumb-to-get-E-4 martyr. It’s too late for Wormtongue to walk it back from his rabble-rousing racism of almost eight years. It would be too out of character, what character he actually has, for the most anti-law enforcement presidential administration in memory.

And it’s probably impossible for Wormtongue to even imagine hanging the Hildabeast by her thumbs for her obvious crimes. But if the ruling class won’t do it, and we know the protesters can’t do it, as riotously as they may try, 1968 2.0 is going to be hell. Keep your head down out there.

Don’t like Trump? 1968’s black riots were disastrous for the Democrats. Nixon won.