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Space elevator games

The Jack-and-the-beanstalk technology–it ain’t rocket science–looks to advance by the so-far-unscheduled-but-planned games next fall, according to email from the Spaceward Foundation:

"In 2007, we expect to have real racing going on, with multiple teams achieving the minimum required speed and competing on the amount of payload [Jack] they carry. We’re also considering, if we can raise the funds for it, a two ribbon, no payload, head-to-head race.  This will not carry the $500,000 prize purse (since speed alone is not the ultimate requirement) but will provide another opportunity for bragging rights and photo-ops.

"In tether [Beanstalk] land, we don’t have grand announcements or plans, except for that oh-so-good feeling that we will probably give away the prize money this year.  While the tether competition is not quite as spectacular as the power beaming competition, we all know what awarding the prize money here means – we have placed the bar so that it will take a new tether material technology to claim the prize."

As always, worth a look.