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Shooting Sunday

If I can get Mr. B. up, we’re going target shooting again this morning. We’re getting better, with the Ruger .22 semi-auto and my old .38 Smith & Wesson revolver. He likes the latter best, finally getting used to the double-action trigger. Says it looks more menacing than the Ruger.

I like the way the .38 smokes in the aftermath of each round. Mostly from the cylinder rather than the barrel, but I’ll take it. Now to see if we can get most of our rounds in the center, though center mass is pretty good. Just like to get more accurate. Before we move up to a 1911 and its bigger kick.

UPDATE:  I love the smell of cordite in the morning. Heh. Lots of center-mass for Mr. B. and most of my .38 rounds in the silhouette’s head. Good work. Chatted about possible dove and deer hunting next fall and winter.