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APQ Tango

Two new videos of our (Mrs. Charm and I) friends James Anderson on violin, Tony Rogers on cello, Jonathan Geer on piano, Phil Spencer on bass, and Ben Thomas on bandoneon of the Austin Piazzolla Quintet performing with the Wilmington (NC) Symphony…here

Ham Jam House Concert


APQ Tango’s first set in Daren Appelt’s living room in northwest Austin. House concerts are popular across the country. Daren’s, just around the corner from the rancho, have become an Austin institution in just four years.

Austin Piazzolla Quintet

Enjoyed two forty-five minute sets of our favorite tango/jazz band, APQ Tango, the other night at a Ham Jam House Concert which was just around the corner from the rancho.

These concerts have been an Austin institution since 2010, featuring acoustic acts across the musical spectrum. The audience is limited to about fifty people, asked for a donation of about $10 each and bring their own food and drink.

The intimate atmosphere in Daren Appelt’s beautiful hilltop home—with views from the second-floor balcony of downtown’s faraway lights—adds a lot to the appeal, and the acts are top-notch. My fine violin teacher James Anderson brings the fiddle fireworks to APQ.

Rule 5: Tango dancer

My versatile fiddle teacher, James Anderson, has a new CD out by his Austin tango band, on which he was a composer and arranger as well as a performer. I’m sure he’d love to have this gal’s talents, even if I can’t find out her name.