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Hail storm

Surveying the Back Forty and the roof this morning, we see that last night’s hail storm (video is someone elses, not ours) battered so many leaves from the rancho’s trees that they cover everything. At one point last night there was so much hail on the patio it looked like drifting snow.

The pea-sized hail lasted only about ten minutes in the midst of a downpour. Had it been longer or the hail bigger I suppose it would have been worse. Lakeway, out west on Lake Travis, seems to have gotten larger. How badly ours damaged the roof shingles remains to be seen. The last time they were replaced was in 2003 after a similar hail storm, but the ice was larger then as I recall.

Of course the power went out shortly after the hail stopped. The power always goes out in Austin when there’s a thunderstorm of any ferocity. It was out from about 9 to midnight. Calculate that inconvenience into your thinking if you’re planning to move here. And then, please, don’t.

UPDATE:  Roof shingles look okay. The ones we can see. Need to get the copious amount of tree leaves blown off to be sure.