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The Wind Power Shuck

Blast from the past. 2010:

Barry and his party would have us believe they can tax coal power plants out of business and we’ll all get by on wind and solar power. Uh, huh. Except for people in the snow belt:

“Minnesota invested itself in alternative energy sources years ago, and so the revelation that the state spent $3.3 million on eleven wind turbines hardly qualifies as news. However, the fact that they don’t work in cold weather does.”

Well, the state can always sue the manufacturer. Hee. And Minnesotans can be thankful they still have coal-power electricity to keep them warm. So far, anyhow.

Via Hot Air.

The Cap & Trade Swindle


As you can see here, the climate legislation Barry & the Dems are trying to pass, which will significantly raise all of our electric and gasoline bills, creating further unemployment and economic problems, will have zero effect on worldwide carbon emissions.

The Carbon Extortion Racket

Never mind the paltry twelve trees that are the main evidence behind the global warming fraud, the EPA has now declared carbon to be a dangerous pollutant. Ready for your electrical bill to hit the stratosphere? Think Team Barry really wants to improve the economy? Think again.



The latest global warming scare? The warming oceans (that aren’t, actually, warming) could cause the Earth’s normal tilt of 23.5 degrees from the vertical to increase. Then what? They don’t say. But when it comes to Pap & Tax (otherwise known as Cap & Trade) the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is lobbying for a wait-a-minute debate on what could cause our drift into a Third World economy.

Via Watts Up With That.

UPDATE: Good analysis of the fraud by Norman Rogers, a former Zero Population Growth activist who remembers that exaggeration and scare stories produced membership in ZPG far better than facts.

MORE: Peter D. Ward and Donald Brownlee explain, in their 2002 book The Life and Death of Planet Earth, what an increased tilt might mean: "…if we tilted too much, or if the tilt shifted, our climate would become more extreme or be thrown into chaos. This may have happened to Mars, in fact, allowing that planet to lose its oceans."

Polar ice refuses to melt


The next time you hear Democrats assert that they must stop the use of coal to make electricity because the North Pole is melting from warming sea water, remember this planned assessment of a month ago, and its finding this week. The north polar ice is a hundred percent thicker than expected. Instead of the two meters anticipated, it is four meters thick. Twelve feet, y’all. What warming sea water?

Change it or lose it

A fellow commenter on a blog I read, a Dem who adores Barry, said maybe I’d like to try living in Somalia, when I indicated displeasure with our coming new taxes, for such frauds as national health care and cap & trade. Typical liberal response, an ad hominem attack rather than an argument.

Ah, I came back, the old Love It Or Leave It, the conservative bumper sticker of the ’60s, which was aimed at the anti-war crowd. What I didn’t say but thought of later (the Wisdom of the Stairs, as Treppenwitz puts it), was the ’60s liberal comeback: Change It Or Lose It. Which seems pretty apt, nowadays, though the positions are reversed. The message also is the opposite of Barry’s meaning of the word change.

The commenter’s notion that Barry is popular, meanwhile, falls before this new Gallup Poll on his first hundred days, and a comparison with his predecessors of the past forty years which shows him less popular than Richard Nixon or Jimmy Carter. I’m not surprised.