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The obscuring Ferguson follies

Riots, looting (most pathetically, of a Dollar Store), bricks and bottles, fires, gunshots, the usual to-do fed by the Al Sharptons and other shouters who make their living off these events.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland… I suppose that will be the next righteous shoot, the black 12-year-old with a toy gun. Ferguson’s Brown, indeed, seems to have been a thug, like Trayvon. But the dead 12-year-old? And unarmed Miriam Carey?

Wormtongue’s “we do have work to do here, we shouldn’t paper it over” makes a point that the Ferguson nihilists are obscuring. Not to mention the snooze media and its usual sloppy, emotion-first reporting.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg at NRO: “I’ve had enough of cable TV enjoying itself while acting like it hates covering riots.”

MORE: Gun. Foot. Most of the businesses destroyed…were owned by minorities. The Democrats would rather have them on welfare, anyhow.