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Putin’s aide now said to have killed himself by accident

So say the same folks who, three years later, are still covering up the murder of Miriam Carey, a young, photogenic black mother hit five times in the back by white-cop bullets.

Factor that into whether you buy their latest conclusion on Mikhail Lesin. Not to mention the lingering case of Seth Rich.

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Miriam Carey’s Legal Fund

Miriam Carey is still dead and most of the snooze media still doesn’t care. Not to mention the pols, or the White House, or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. They’re not out organizing demos and making incendiary speeches over the young, photogenic black mother who was hit five times in the back from a hail of white cop bullets. And Barry is not calling her the daughter he didn’t have.

Since none of that is happening and only WND.com is even bothering to continue writing about the murder masquerading as police work, Miriam’s family is garnering legal fees to try and get her the justice denied her by the system.

And legal fees, as you might imagine, can be pretty stiff. Hence this new GoFundMe site for her which hasn’t raised a pittance yet of the $300,000 sought. Hard to do when the usual channels of publicity are denied. Give ’em some money. I have. Maybe this way we’ll find out the real story, someday, behind this incredible coverup.

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UPDATE:  The WaPo did a lengthy rehash of what was known back in November, 2014—more than a year after Miriam’s murder. The piece caught a U.S. Attorney in a lie and asked all the right questions. Five months later, the police still refuse to provide the answers.

Eight bullets, in the back, for a busted taillight

Once more, we have a trigger-happy cop and a dead black man whose “resisting arrest” was running away. This time there’ll be no long, drawn-out palaver or grand jury to be manipulated.

Thanks to a bystander’s iPhone video of the incident, the cop has been charged, straight-up, with the murder of Walter Scott.

Miriam Carey could not be reached for comment.

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UPDATE:  The brave man who video recorded the police murder of Walter Scott.

The obscuring Ferguson follies

Riots, looting (most pathetically, of a Dollar Store), bricks and bottles, fires, gunshots, the usual to-do fed by the Al Sharptons and other shouters who make their living off these events.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland… I suppose that will be the next righteous shoot, the black 12-year-old with a toy gun. Ferguson’s Brown, indeed, seems to have been a thug, like Trayvon. But the dead 12-year-old? And unarmed Miriam Carey?

Wormtongue’s “we do have work to do here, we shouldn’t paper it over” makes a point that the Ferguson nihilists are obscuring. Not to mention the snooze media and its usual sloppy, emotion-first reporting.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg at NRO: “I’ve had enough of cable TV enjoying itself while acting like it hates covering riots.”

MORE: Gun. Foot. Most of the businesses destroyed…were owned by minorities. The Democrats would rather have them on welfare, anyhow.

Our predatory police

Four months after the Capitol police and Secret Service murdered Miriam Carey, in daylight on D.C. streets, her family’s lawyers have notified the feds they will sue for $75 million.

It won’t bring the 34-year-old mother back to her toddler daughter who narrowly escaped death from a police frenzy.

Most shocking of all is that the Democrat White House’s so-called “justice” department, along with D.C.’s Democrat newspaper—once lauded in story and film but now derisively known as the WaPo—are still mum about the murdered black mom.

Being big, male and Hispanic didn’t help Luis Rodriguez in Oklahoma when five members of the badge gang decided to go berserk. As their defenders put it, cops sometimes have to make snap decisions. We’re seeing a lot of snap decisions lately: cops shooting first, asking questions later, if there’s anyone left alive to ask.

UPDATE:  They’re ridiculously touchy, too. Chicago 13-year-old gets felony charge for hitting cop in shoulder with, wait for it, a snowball.