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More climategate nature tricks

Want to make it seem as if carbon-dioxide-aggravated warming is on the increase? Then massage the results by ignoring almost half of the available sample:

"They ignored data covering 40% of Russia and chose data that showed a warming trend over statistically preferable alternatives when available. They ignored completeness of data, preferred urban data, strongly preferred data from stations that relocated, ignored length of data set.

"On the final page, there is a chart that shows that CRU’s selective use of 25% of the data created 0.64C more warming than simply using all of the raw data would have done. The complete set of data show 1.4C rise since 1860, the CRU set shows 2.06C rise over the same period."

Good roundup of this latest drop-of-the-other-climate-shoe here, thanks to Russia’s Institute of Economic Analysis.

Memo to the Global Warming Cult

Doctor Zero goes all out on Copenhagen and its calls for squeezing industrial economies:

"We’re not going to politely ignore swarms of private jets and limos ferrying you to carbon-belching ‘climate summits,’ where you draw up plans for the Western proletariat to live as primitive hunter-gatherers."

Heh. Worth a look.

Warmergate, Climategate, or Climaquiddick

The one-world government boys are hot to deny that there’s any truth to Warmergate. Not surprising. If you were in service to dictators who finally had a chance to destroy the economies of the Western democracies with their very own cooperation, would you back down?

This is the best roundup I’ve seen on the whole fiasco, from the Y2K Glitch and the Arctic Ice Melt to the Poor Polar Bears, the Hockey Stick That Wasn’t, and the Tree Ring Circus. Don’t look for any of this in American newspapers, however. They’d have to back up too far. They’ve been cheerleaders for a long time. At least the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed gives credit where credit is due: the Web.

Fortunately, Brit newspapers are rising to the occasion, which is appropriate considering that the Warmergate (Mark Steyn’s felicitous term) ground zero is at the East Anglia Climate Research Unit in their backyard. 

Via The Seablogger.