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AGW critic recovering

Turns out that scientist at the Copenhagen meeting who suffered a heart attack was Henrik Svensmark, author of a plausible book and much research behind it as to what (besides carbon dioxide), might be causing the global warming that may or may not actually be occurring.

Svensmark seems to be recovering from what seems to have been a malfunctioning pacemaker, according to this hard-to-read Google translation of a Danish newspaper account, posted by Anthony Watts. Svensmark believes that a lack of cosmic rays to provide the seed nuclei for the formation of clouds to keep the temperature low is behind whatever warming there is. Sol’s recent sleep apparently has upped the cosmic ray count, which Svensmark might say is bringing the recent early winters.

“The Warmest October in Human History”

That’s this year, according to NASA’s shrill sign-waving climate "scientist" James Hansen, and it was the opening line of the Copenhagen climate conference. As if the gang that couldn’t keep from destroying two space shuttles, killing everyone aboard including a school teacher they recruited for the privilege, could possibly know what happened to the October temperature in All. Of. Human. History.

Is that unfair? Maybe. But their "warmest October in human history" prompts it because the claim is so obviously stupid. Better to say, to paraphrase Accuweather meteorologist Joe Bastardi: [It’s] "the warmest you ever measured with the way you measured it." Which is a lot more accurate, but not sufficiently alarming, apparently. Not enough to keep the grant money flowing to sustain the bureaucracy they created getting to the moon. For what? To come home and trash the enabling technology and never go again.

SciFi writer Jerry Pournelle, likewise, is skeptical: "…few of us would have thought that last October was all that warm. Didn’t seem that warm to me, and my impression from the radio and TV was that it was actually pretty cold." Moreover, others were finding a flaw in the data. It was cool enough in Texas, in a precursor to our latest early winter–now into the start of its third week of overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. Which is unusually cold for us this time of year. The "sleeping" sun seems a lot more potentially devastating to me than any supposed rise in sea level fifty years from now, according to, ahem, the famous crockumentarian Al Gore.

Bastardi again: "Go look back through all the data, and understand that you can’t measure at the time of Rome, or the Vikings, or the Great Depression, the way you measure things now… Al Gore, who doesn’t have the guts to debate anyone on this issue, a man who may soon be a carbon billionaire, is claiming people who are fighting him are in the pockets of polluters. You do the math."

Memo to the Global Warming Cult

Doctor Zero goes all out on Copenhagen and its calls for squeezing industrial economies:

"We’re not going to politely ignore swarms of private jets and limos ferrying you to carbon-belching ‘climate summits,’ where you draw up plans for the Western proletariat to live as primitive hunter-gatherers."

Heh. Worth a look.

Mike’s Nature Trick


This is the fraudulent "hockey stick" that is the basis of the Copenhagen meeting seeking to transform the world economy by impoverishing the West. All in service to a charade that plenty of Web wanderers can see while the Legacy Media and most politicians ignore it for their own reasons.

Best brief explanation of the complicated subject I’ve seen is Sammy Benoit’s here. With luck we’ll dodge the Copenhagen clowns, and their disgraceful "scientist" partners, but Barry’s EPA’s plan to regulate our whole economy via carbon dioxide emissions may trump them yet.

There is no law of averages

As Barry prepares to jet off to Copenhagen to promise to continue our descent to the poorhouse by cutting our carbon emissions to make the dictator’s club (i.e. the UN) happy, the climate naysaying is mounting.

Statistician, AMS member and blogger William M. Briggs shows the illogic in Barry’s logic:

"Diminishing glaciers did not prove AGW; they were instead a verification that ice melts when it gets hot. Fewer polar bears did not count in favor of AGW; it instead perhaps meant that maybe adult bears prefer a chill to get in the mood. People sidling up to microphones and trumpeting ‘It’s bad out there, worse than we thought!’ was not evidence of AGW; it was evidence of how easily certain people could work themselves into a lather."

Briggs is the self-published author of an amusing book on the law of averages that isn’t.

Meanwhile, Canadian businessman Stephen McIntyre, the famous blogger debunker of the infamous hockey stick "proof" for AGW gets a timely writeup in the WSJ.

Even (gasp) cBS is weighing in objectively (what will they think of next) on the hacked emails.

And blogger Megan McArdle, who (cough, spit) actually believes in AGW, notes the real problem with those emails: the major climate model predicting doom ahead could be rubbish. A little item financed in part by (you guessed it) the American taxpayer.

Oops, now there’s more climate science faking in New Zealand.

So will Barry notice any of this stuff and unbutton if not completely remove his climate hairshirt and spend more time trying to get our economy back on track? Naw. That’s above his pay grade. Apparently.

Science fraud

The anthropogenic global warming guys have been whacked again and again and, now, again. But these scientific fraudsters (in it to keep their research funding and salaries healthy) keep rolling on. Barry may be sliding on Cap & Trade, but the EPA still is penalizing emitters of carbon dioxide and trying to put the coal industry out of business. So even if Copenhagen now deserves to be stopped in its tracks, the "climate-change" circus likely will keep traveling on for a while longer.

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In the end, Barry’s "wonderful" Copenhagen trip was just another taxpayer boondoggle.

UPDATE: Turns out McChrystal met with the president in Copenhagen. So the trip wasn’t entirely wasted.