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Killing gays is not ISIS law, it’s Muslim law

It’s turning out that the Orlando mass murderer was well known to colleagues and superiors for being an ardent adherent of sharia law. Similar to, if not exactly like, Major Hassan at Fort Hood whose colleagues and superiors didn’t take him seriously. At least in part because of political correctness and fear of being called racist.

“He talked about killing people all the time,” [Mateen co-worker Daniel] Gilroy told The New York Times. And he wasn’t surprised when he learned of the massacre: “I saw it coming.”

That’s what’s got to change: the coddling of Muslims who make their murderous intentions plain. Particularly Muslims who champion sharia law. Because sharia law mandates such savagery as wife beating and the killing of homosexuals.

Barry Hussein’s and the Bag Lady’s usual call for more gun control and diverting attention to ISIS is beyond ludicrous. And they know it.

Trump’s temporary or even permanent ban on Muslim immigration isn’t likely to be entirely effective. The Orlando killer was a U.S. citizen. Better would be to ban Muslim immigration from countries that impose supremacist sharia (Yemen, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq & Afghanistan), including European countries where Muslims have formed a critical mass and take sharia seriously.

All of which would require a sea change in American culture in our silly and stupid age, where multiculturalism, political cowardliness and political correctness are going to get us all killed.

Via National Review Online