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It’s hard to leave Texas

D.G. Meyers, the online editor of Commentary Magazine, who once taught English lit at Texas A&M, but now lives and works in Ohio:

“My four kids are Texans. For twenty years I was an interloper in Texas—an Orthodox Jew who lived without benefit of barbecue. I’ve only been gone nine months now, and I miss the hell out of the place. None of my exes live in Texas, but I left my heart there.”

His A Commonplace Blog is a great stop for new (and old) book advice.

Realistic assessment

LTC Steven Miska, infantry commander of Task Force Justice, sees a need for us in Iraq for seven more years, which he thinks would be a bargain:

"If our government decides to prematurely pull out, I would fail to reach both goals, and my son and his generation may find themselves embroiled in something far worse than what we experience now—all because my generation couldn’t get the job done."

In which case, Vietnam veterans wouldn’t be the only ones criticized for failing to win a war. 

Via Instapundit and Max Boot in Commentary Magazine.