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Texas entry requirements

J.D., over at Mouth of the Brazos, has a cool idea to help winnow out some of these refugees from the Democrat economy who keep flooding into Texas—especially, for me, the Californicators:

“I have been daydreaming lately about mandatory criteria to move to Texas. I would welcome any additions to my nascent list.

“1. Watch or read the mini-series or book series of Lonesome Dove. Written, closed-book, exams will be done at the driver’s license bureau. If you make less than 50% on the quiz – no license.”

My suggested “No. 2. Explain the history of the Revolution, especially the timeline of the Alamo and Travis’s letters, and have the Victory or Death one memorized. Extra points for timelines of Goliad and San Jacinto. Less than 80% – no license.”

Any other suggestions out there?

UPDATE:  Here’s one newcomer who can skip these requirements. Considering that Toyota is bringing its own jobs along.