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Texas Ebola moving south?

I sure hope not but the Belton Independent School District is southwest of Temple, which is a lot closer to the Rancho than Dallas. And three of their elementary and middle schools were closed today and will remain so on Friday for cleaning.

Why? Because at least one of their students was aboard the Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland that carried Dallas nurse Amber Vinson, lately diagnosed with Ebola and currently residing at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Joe Brown, principal of North Belton Middle School wrote parents today that the one student is being monitored by the county and state health authorities and so far hasn’t developed any symptoms. He doesn’t explain why three schools are closed and being cleaned over one student. As usual, more questions than answers.

Via Sooper Mexican.

UPDATE:  Looks to be plenty more possibles where this student came from, i.e. Amber’s fellow passengers on not one but two Frontier Airlines flights.

MORE:  The daily reported Friday that there are two kids involved at Belton, ages 13 and 8. Still doesn’t explain why three schools are closed. Meanwhile, the daily reported, there’s a Georgetown man who was on Vinson’s flights and he’s self-quarantined. Georgetown’s a lot closer to the Rancho in Austin than Belton is.

AND:  Dozens of possible cases in Dallas have now been cleared. Hopefully the clearances will also work their way south.