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Leaving on a jet plane

Takeoff is at roughly 6:30 this morning for the first (three-hour) leg of my thirteen-hour flight to Israel. I’m looking forward to the visit, despite the ongoing onslaught of rockets, mortars and deadly bus bombs from Israel’s alleged “peace partners” of the pathetic “peace process.”

But I’m not a good air traveler. I plan to sleep most of the way or keep my nose in the Kindle until the battery gives out. Then, if the electric plug at the seat doesn’t work for a recharge, I’ll switch to a paperback.

For once I may take interior photos of the aircraft, assuming that’s allowed anymore. I’ll find out. Fortunately, it will not be the usual cattle car, or aluminum cigar, I’m used to, but a wide-body Boeing 777-200. It seats nine abreast in economy with two aisles.

Still a two-holer, however, which seems awfully bold for such a long flight over an ocean. The first time I flew east over the Atlantic (or any ocean for that matter) was in 1950 when I was six years old. The aircraft was a four-engine Air Force C-54 Skymaster, with my pilot father on the flight deck. The second time was in 1961 aboard a Boeing 707 commercial jet, but it also had four engines.

So I’ll try to keep my mind on other things beside those two big kerosene burners out there, only one on each of the 777’s slender wings. Until I get to Tel Aviv and meet my good pen friend Snoopy-the-Goon in the arrivals hall.

I’ll do customs in English, so there’s no slipups. Then I ‘ll try out my new Hebrew language pronunciation on Snoopy and live with his groans and make the necessary corrections. I’ll email Mr. B. and Mrs. C. so they know all is okay. Who knows? I may even post a few things here at the Scribbler from Yerushalayim, Masada, or the Golan, when I have a minute. Certrainly will as the week goes on.

Otherwise, I’ll be taking a break here (except for reprising some oldies but goodies) until early April when I return to what Gen. Robert E. Lee once called the Paradise of the Texans. Have a nice spring. Hope the wildflowers are abundant where you are. Shalom and adios.

Lovin’ my Kindle

For various reasons, the Kindle is a lot of fun. Free books is part of it. Not only the classics but the freebies paying publishers sometimes give out to test the waters for the product they will soon put a price tag on.

Such as this popular old Indie scifi tale  soon to be brought back as an Amazon Encore in paper. Meanwhile, the author is offering it free in various ebook formats (including the Kindle) at his website. Cool. You never see this in paper. Nobody could afford to do it.

Sherlock Holmes

Reading (and enjoying) the first (1887) Sherlock Holmes tale, “A Study in Scarlett,” in ebook format. For the most part, the writing still holds up. The language is dated, of course, but no bother. The complete collection is a bargain at just 99 cents. Some Amazon reviewers complained of formatting problems but, other than a few typos, I haven’t run across anything very troublesome yet.

So, do I need a Kindle?

Are there really all that many reasonably-priced, reasonably-desirable books available for download? And is it easy on the eyes, or like trying to read a standard, flickering video-display monitor?