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The independent Texas electricity grid

Long may it wave, even in the face of invitations to join the East and West grids to extend the reach of renewable energy sources. Looks good on paper, maybe, but it’s a bad idea when you consider that we are never struck by brownouts and blackouts occurring elsewhere (not to mention being immune from the political whims of federal regs over rates, terms and conditions of transmission), and we already lead the nation in wind generation. Stay independent, ERCOT.

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The downside of wind energy

You knew there was one, didinja? Despite the Dem and Gorebot focus on wind and solar?

"Sometimes wind production can drop suddenly. On February 26, 2008, wind production in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) dropped from over 1700 MW down to 300 MW within a three hour period.Traditional power plant operators, who would normally provide more power on short notice, failed to provide power as promised. ERCOT was able to avoid blackouts by asking large industrial customers to cut back on power use. These demand-response customers get reduced electric rates in exchange for cutting power on short notice."

Cutting back on power doesn’t mean they do without. Oh no. They crank up their fossil-fuel generators. Keeping up the green pretense. Or, as TFG says, by golly we’re still getting those wind energy brochures in our mailbox. 

Reducing electric usage

I’ve set the air-conditioning thermostat at eighty degrees at the rancho and am closing curtains and blinds on the south and west sides. Reason being, the state’s electric grid operator, ERCOT, is asking Texans to do so to avoid afternoon brownouts in the extreme hundred-degree heat. Demand is just really high, due mainly to population increases in recent years. No problems are expected if everyone cooperates. It’s nice having your own state grid.

ERCOT’s power blip

Hard to believe, as hard as the wind is blowing today, threatening to lift my cap and toss it into the street when I was out and about an hour ago, that the wind actually stopped last night in West Texas, which hampered, but didn’t kill, the Texas power grid:

"Texas produces the most wind power of any state and the number of wind farms is expected to increase dramatically as new transmission lines are built to transfer power from the western half of the state to more populated areas in the north."

We didn’t know a thing about the emergency at the rancho, nor did any other residential customers. ERCOT’s industrial customers absorbed it, as per arrangement. It’s nice being on a state-wide grid, unaffected by whatever happens to electricity elsewhere in the country.