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Neighbors defend Woods

It seems the angry-wife-with-golf-club scenario is pretty well extinguished now that some neighbors have come out to say they witnessed the aftermath and saw only an accident. But this police quote is laughable:

"’Despite the celebrity status of Mr. Woods, the Florida Highway Patrol has completed its investigation in the same professional manner it strives to complete each traffic investigation,’ Sgt. Kim Montes said."

Yeah, I’ll just bet they let the little people put them off for four days. Read it here.

INDEED, it’s the cover-up, TW’s persistent silence (even in the face of a police investigation) that still makes the story intriguing. All the tsk-tsking from the high-minded is not going to change that.

Another icon falls

It was pretty obvious from the get-go that Tiger Woods and his wife had a little dustup that resulted in her breaking the window of their Cadillac SUV with one of his golf clubs and him ramming the vehicle into a fire hydrant and a tree. As usual it was the attempted cover-up that made their private argument more interesting than it probably deserved to be. Whether the dispute was over his Dubai investment losses or an alleged affair with another woman.

But the cover-up that’s continuing, where the world’s No. 1 golfer and his former-model wife keep ducking the Florida Highway Patrol’s investigation interviews, is making the whole thing uglier than it needs to be. True, domestic calls seldom result in arrests and, sure, wealth has its privileges, but stiffing the cops is not supposed to be one of them. Hard to have much respect for people who play these games. Not that I would expect them to be punished. As they are doing their best to underscore for the rest of us, the law is for the little people.

UPDATE: Late Sunday, TW was still refusing to talk to the FHP. They, apparently, are just shuffling their flat feet. Probably standing, smoky-bear hat in hand, at the jefe’s closed front door. Underscoring the double-standard of American justice. Then, on Monday, the FHP finally was getting around to seeking a search warrant, accroding to TMZ.