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Lynching a black man

This time it wasn’t on behalf of an insulted white woman, but for the alleged murder of “the son President Obama never had.” Well, the plump-cheeked 13-year-old in the old photo the media loved, not the gold-grill, petty-thief, new thug version.

And the black man? That would be George Zimmerman, recently vindicated by the evidence: his bloody nose and bloody head from the beating Trayvon gave him before GZ shot his attacker.

GZ’s grandmother was black, you see, making him, as any student of modern identity politics and affirmative action could tell you, part black. Hardly the “white” Hispanic the NYTimes so disingenuously dubbed him to keep up the drumbeat of hate.

And the lynching of the headline? A media and race-baiter lynching, courtesy of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, etc. The usual suspects, in other words, spouting off before the details were available. The real questions are why were these details suppressed for so long, and why was Zimmerman indicted, for profiling, which is not a crime? Except, duh, I think we can all figure it out.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  So is the MSM reporting the new facts? Get back. They are butt covering like crazy.