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Rise up and slay them first

“Maybe Israel could ignore the attacks on its border communities, but it cannot ignore the attacks on [Tel Aviv] its ‘Hill of Spring’ — one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Israel will have to awaken from its slumber and embrace the reality of being a society under siege, like Kiryat Shmona, Sderot, and other border towns.

“Israel will have to ignore the U.N., the New York Times, and the deluge of anti-Semitic opinion that condemns it whenever it rises to defend itself.  It should embrace the Talmudic imperative: when they come to kill you, rise up and slay them first.”

Via American Greatness

Rockets over Israel


I expect it’s readily understandable that a student or researcher playing tennis when this Hamas rocket hit so close at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovat might not sleep so well from now on.

But, for the divesting Presbyterians and Methodists in the house, try meditating on that big chunk of metal in the foreground and imagine it landing on your Palestinian-lovin’ head. Maybe that will help you appreciate the Israeli bombing campaign.

Much better in my view than risking IDF lives to clean out the rat’s nest.

This is a new experience for central Israel (Rehovat is about 33 miles from Gaza, roughly 3 minutes by rocket) thanks to the increased range of the munitions supplied Hamas by Iran, Lurch’s and Wormtongue’s pretend partner in nuclear peace.

UPDATE: As usual, Washington looks ridiculous as it lectures Israelis with the pretense that both sides are at fault. We know Obamalot has no honor. Have the feds no brains at all anymore?

Under the rocket rain

More eloquent than the usual talking head because simpler and more ordinary: PJTV’s Joe the Plumber. Especially since the usual talking head can’t be bothered with Israeli children but only Palestinian ones.