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American honor killings

Immigrants, as I read American history, have always brought their less-admirable behavior, along with their more positive hopes and dreams, to our shores.Why wouldn’t they? It’s human nature.

What’s  new about the latest Muslim honor killings— the beheading of an estranged wife in New York and the running over of a daughter who wanted to choose her own husband in Arizona—is that most of the legacy media does a quick, very short report and then ignores the troubling details. No hysterical commentary like after the Tucson shootings.

Gotta keep those Musslemen happy, you know, since some are so prone to explosive upset. But without the shame of publicity, it will take much longer for this old world behavior to stop.

Harry Potter actress was beaten and branded a prostitute by….

As Blazing Cat Fur says (why yes, cat fur can talk) just take a wild guess.

(Not that these, ahem, unfortunate incidents are anything new to the Religion of Peace.)

Via Blazing Cat Fur.

They called him a ‘camel jockey’

So, naturally, Maj. Hasan had to rush out and murder and cripple 43 people. What other choice was there? Same with the honor killings. The perp is always "driven to it" by his shameless wife or daughters. As Phyllis Chesler says: The Jihadist Is Always the Victim.

TALK ABOUT JIHADI SHAME:  A woman police officer stopped the Fort Hood perp by pumping four bullets into him. Heh. Too bad she didn’t aim to kill.