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Ignoring the evidence

It’s no surprise that Barry can’t see the nose on his face. Our affirmative action president has never had to see his nose in order to move forward. There was always someone standing by to assist him.

But General Casey’s inability to see the obvious is downright frightening. This is not a good time to advise your son or daughter or those of a friend to enlist. They’d be safe from white supremacism, true, but defnitely not from the evil of jihad. All we can be sure of from the denial going on about Maj. Muslim’s murderous performance is that there are going to be more Fort Hoods. And probably very soon.

PTSD is not contagious

Take it from one who knows. So the dimwit media, trying to obfuscate and excuse the Muslim major’s murderous fling at Jihad, are just taking you and every other sucker down the garden path to stupidity. Grow up and realize that there really are traitors in our midst and this kind of nonsense only strengthens them.

UPDATE: It may be too late. Our society may already be too sick to survive.

They called him a ‘camel jockey’

So, naturally, Maj. Hasan had to rush out and murder and cripple 43 people. What other choice was there? Same with the honor killings. The perp is always "driven to it" by his shameless wife or daughters. As Phyllis Chesler says: The Jihadist Is Always the Victim.

TALK ABOUT JIHADI SHAME:  A woman police officer stopped the Fort Hood perp by pumping four bullets into him. Heh. Too bad she didn’t aim to kill.