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Is it good for the Jews?


That’s the old question Jews have always ask about national or international developments. Because, like all ethnic groups and, in some ways, more than any other, they have a large stake in them. I think Bibi’s lobbying for a better deal with Iran is very good for the Jews—and all the rest of the world as well.

“‘I think the alternatives are not either this bad deal or war. I think there’s a third alternative. And that is standing firm, ratcheting up the pressure, until you get a better deal,’ the Israeli Prime Minister told CNN’s ‘State of the Union’. ‘A better deal would roll back Iran’s vast nuclear infrastructure and require Iran to stop its aggression in the region, its terror worldwide, and its calls and actions to annihilate the state of Israel.'”

After all, Iran just gave tens of millions to Hamas so it can replace its terror tunnels and terror rockets.

It’s good for the Jews to have a tough Jew talking tough about the enemies of the Jews. And in this case the enemies of all who don’t want a nuclear missile to come calling. Just like the Coptic Christians fighting back against ISIS. It’s less risky than keeping mum, walking small and making nice with scum like the Mullahs and clowns like our Barry Hussein who’ll make a deal at any price.

Via Fox News and PJMedia.