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Jihad is everywhere

Islam is not a religion of peace, far from it. And jihad is more than bombs.

“No, jihad is an eternal, all-encompassing unholy war against the unbeliever. It is waged in the mind of the believer, to fortify his or her own courage and faith. It is waged online and in the pages of books and magazines, to simultaneously cultivate the hatred and contempt of the committed for the kafir — the unbeliever — while also currying favor, appeasement, and advantage from the gullible West. Jihad is the teaching in the mosque. It is the prayer in the morning, the social-media post in the afternoon, and the donation to an Islamic “charity” in the evening.

“There is jihad in predatory, coordinated sexual assault, there is jihad when Western camera crews are chased from Muslim neighborhoods, and there is jihad when Muslim apologists invariably crawl from the sewers of Western intelligentsia, blaming Europeans for the imperfections in their life-saving hospitality. So don’t make the mistake of believing that Europe or America only ‘periodically’ or ‘rarely’ deal with jihad. We confront it every day, just as the world has confronted it — to greater or lesser degrees — ever since Muslim armies first emerged from the Arabian peninsula. While not all Muslims are jihadists, jihad is so deeply imprinted in the DNA of Islam that the world will confront it as long as Islam lives.”

Maybe Trump’s idea of limiting Muslim immigration is a good idea. And Ted’s idea of policing existing Muslim neighborhoods isn’t so bad after all. If it can be implemented without succumbing to the inevitable lawsuits and PC babble.

Otherwise, Islam must die.

Via NRO and Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Richard Fernandez at PJMedia: “The global jihad’s response to ponderous, pre-announced offensive against ISIS in Syria was long anticipated: they would counterattack.” Paris, San Bernadino, Brussels. Next?