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Jimmy Carter: Useful Idiot

Useful to Hamas, of course, which Carter wants recognized not as a terror organization but as a representative political entity. Also useful to Obama/Kerry who likewise want Israel’s blockade of Gaza lifted to allow more than the import-export trucks of food and various other goods now allowed to pass into and out of the Strip. After dutiful inspection, of course.

Lift the blockade, i.e. give Hamas routine access to maritime shipping and its own international airport, and the terrorists will have access to what they really want: anti-aircraft missiles and improved rockets with high-explosive warheads and GPS guidance systems so they can aim an Iron Dome-overwhelming barrage next time and take out, say, a mall in Tel Aviv or an airliner taxiing at Ben-Gurion.

Despite their mutual love for dictators, neither Carter nor Obama/Kerry are actually stupid so we must assume they know what will happen if the blockade is lifted and just don’t care. We knew Carter was anti-Israel. We’re beginning to see proof that Obama/Kerry are as well, given, among other things, their recent gift of billions of dollars worth of arms to Qatar, the chief financier of Hamas.

Via Instapundit.