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Show me the water

We’ve heard several times that there may be water on Luna. In the form of ice on the surface, and, perhaps, some liquid underground. NASA is expected to unveil Thursday research showing "a lot of water" exists on the surface.

From the AAAS journal Science advancer to Science writers: "…three reports utilize data collected by three separate spacecrafts to provide evidence of hydroxyl (OH) or water – or both – on the surface of the Moon. These findings are forcing a reexamination of the notion that our Moon is completely dry."

If there is abundant water, it makes a colony more feasible, as well as the refueling of spacecraft for interplanetary travel. As it says here I’m ready to believe. Just show me the water.

UPDATE:  Here’s the NASA version. Suspiciously timely, given recent cancellation of back-to-the-moon? Naw.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is right

Sunspots, or their lack, really do affect global weather, and probably the climate as well. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has for many years been basing its annual forecasts on a formula involving Sol’s outbreak cycle, though frequently pooh-poohed by meteorologists. Hah.