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Painters reprise

Promised the neurotic, we’re back to the replacement, who rolled in at 10 a.m. for a wonder and claims he’ll be done by 5. No explanation from the contractor yet.

UPDATE:  At 4 p.m they still haven’t begun to spray paint, though it seems to be coming. Over by 5:30, they’re now saying. Contractor obviously sent them but he’s not admitting it. Really hard working with people who speak no or little English. They had done good work before so we kept hiring them.

Kitchen painting?

Supposedly, it goes down today. I’ll believe it when it happens. It’s been ten days, with a neurotic carpenter and a young, not very responsible replacement.

UPDATE: Seen hide nor hair of our replacement by 3:00. Told contratctor I want a replacement for the replacement. He’s for bringing back the neurotic tomorrow. Sigh.