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Kitchen fini?

The replacement has finished the crown and window molding and is due back today to paint it and a new six-panel solid wood door. That will do it. At last.

UPDATE:  Door on order until the 24th, molding getting painted.

MORE: All done but the door. Replacement took a iPhone snap of his work and shook my hand. I waited until he left and then washed it with soap and warm water. My preference to hand-sanitizers.

Kitchen almost done

A few mistakes but mostly very good cabinets repainted Bright White and likewise the ceiling with new, very light-blue Tame Teal (SW5767) walls.

Crown and window molding to go and painting of new six-panel pantry door. Monday, early, they said and, indeed, they were early Friday and Saturday. We’re putting our stuff back slowly, gratefully, evicting what we don’t need.

UPDATE: Two drawers no longer fit and the pantry door is cheap hollow-core, so door will have to be replaced and drawers fixed before molding can go up.

Kitchen saga continues

Rebuilding the cabinets is taking time. New ones would have been easier and maybe less expensive but we liked the configuration of the old ones, 35 plus years old, so we opted to replace the old, cheap composite shelves for new plywood. Then to repaint bright white, inside and out, which isn’t fashionable anymore but we like it.

Kitchen to begin

Kitchen remodeling got held up by ordering of laminate (formica) countertop. Finally in and work set to begin tomorrow. Also lots of rain Tuesday night and more on Wednesday when the work should still be going on—refurbishing of cabinets, painting and crown and window molding.