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Pallywood’s modern miracle

Just days from the Jewish Chanukah, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are preparing to celebrate a modern miracle of their own, as they struggle to make their pretend democracy look real—lest the bundles of cash from their Western supporters should dwindle or, god forbid, stop altogether:

On Jan. 1, Mamoud Abbas, the so-called president of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, will begin the 11th year of his reign. Uh, make that the near-tripling of his first 4-year term of office. What Obama and Netanyahu may only dream about, Abbas does.

“So the legend is that there was only enough corruption, incitement and farce to last four years…” explained local historian Yoni K. as he looked for sufganyot and potatoes in the Shuk Ha Carmel. “But through a little luck and maybe even a miracle, his four year term has lasted ten years and counting!…”

Now that’s achievement. So what if the so-called president of the AWCTP is a little late in leaving office, or even in attracting a rival suicidal enough to oppose him. Stability. That’s the ticket, especially when you’re busy running a knifing intifada battle campaign. Stability. Yes ma’am.

Via Times of Israel.