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It’s all global warming, of course

Been a pleasant two weeks at the rancho, with highs in the low nineties and night-time lows in the mid-sixties. Even had some rain. Yep. Coolest start to a July since, oh, I don’t know, but there were others prior to the global warming boondoggle that’s become a billion-dollar science research industry courtesy of the feds.

Naturally, the cool has to be caused by the warming, and it’s supposedly something to do with melting Arctic Ice, according to Weather Underground. Everything is, you know. Cold, hot, rain, snow, drought. It’s Global Warming all the time. WeatherBell meteorologist Joe Bastardi explains why, in this case, as in many others, it’s pure bull. And, alas, he predicts we’ll soon be warming back up to our usual July-August stretch of 100-degree days.

UPDATE:  Local meteorologist Bob Rose says it’s the coolest start to July since 1967. I knew there had to be a precedent that had zip to do with AGW.

Record low Arctic sea ice? Not

As usual, the Gorebot and the other warmingistas are claiming that Arctic ice is melting at a record pace. The coasts will soon be inundated by the rising oceans. They told you so. Except that it’s pure B.S.

“The lowest amount of ice was no where close to 2007 this year as one can see at this link http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/IMAGES/seaice.anomaly.arctic.png,” says anti-warmingista meteorologist Joe Bastardi of Weather Bell. “It is low, but over the coming decades it will come back….to demonstrate the balance I feel is simply being attained….”

Bastardi’s meteorologist colleague at WB, Joe D’Aleo (AKA Dr. Dewpoint) adds this:

“I want you to see that the changes are real but that they tie with natural factors. Man has an effect on the climate primarily locally through land use changes and urbanization and through our emissions of primarily aerosols but… natural factors still dominate as shown by the extremes of recent years.”

As always, however, the warmists also will blame AGW for this week’s unusually early cold snap in the Northern Plains, since they claim that all weather extremes prove their greenhouse/global warming/climate change theory. How convenient. The proof against that is its own logical absurdity.

Meanwhile, the Gorebot (who, fascistically, calls AGW skeptics like Bastardi, D’Aleo [and me] “racists”) will choose his own “reality” today, raising money via ten dollar donations to keep his Lear jet and his Tennessee mansion polluting the atmosphere he claims to be so concerned about—while others hand him the mockery he deserves.