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Hong Kong’s last stand

Mrs Charm’s good friend Michele Kay Schultz, came up in Hong Kong for part of her peripatetic life. She passed in 2011 but her memory lives. Wonder what she’d say about this:

“How, precisely, China (or Hong Kong’s titular boss, Ms. Lam) might be compelled to scrap this proposed extradition law is a question perhaps best left to President Trump’s national security team. But if America, Britain and the rest of the world’s great democracies do not stand squarely, clearly and convincingly with the heroes of Hong Kong, there is a great danger that China will read the further abandonment of Hong Kong’s people as yet another signal that the Free World will not defend its own.”

Russia, after all, defended Venezuela until the threat of a Trump invasion evaporated.

Via PJMedia.

Adios, Mee-fell

CaptureDear, old friend, journalist Michele Kay Schultz, 66, Mrs. C.’s best friend, whom the toddler Mr. B. always called mee-fell, passed away this morning after a long illness.

She was aptly called a “five-foot fireball” by journalism and political friends in her several obits. The angels will care for her now.