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ROTC should ban the Ivy League

“Banning ROTC at the Ivies is as damaging to the military as banning recruitment at Vassar would be to the NFL.”


Via Instapundit.

The 9/11 generation keeps it up

Good news from the recruiters: "All military services met or exceeded their monthly recruiting goals in April, with the Marine Corps signing 142 percent of the number it was looking for, the Pentagon said."

Surging patriotism

"The army recruiting effort is unprecedented for wartime. Never in American history has a war this long, been sustained with only volunteers."

Despite all the pressures from the pols, the MSM and Hollywood, the volunteers keep coming. Thus the Army once again met its recruiting goal of 80,000 newbies for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. The Marines continued to exceed their goals.