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All systems go for second round of chemo

Mrs. Charm passed her recent blood tests such that the doc cleared her to grocery shop for the first time in weeks. Good thing, too, as I was weary of trying to find all the brands she specifies. A real treasure hunt. I still doubt whole wheat blueberry waffles exist.

All systems are go for a second round of chemo on the 27th. Unfortunately it’s the second one where the hair generally falls out. It’ll probably be traumatic since she hasn’t seen her head since she was an infant and didn’t know what it was then. I am doing Web searches on scarves and other soft head-coverings. Any ideas?

Otherwise, joy has returned to Mudville (i.e. Rancho Roly Poly) as Mrs. C. actually has some energy, in spurts at least, between the usual bouts of lethargy. Probably the two recent get-well cards from her colleagues helped. I haven’t see so many notes and signatures since I graduated from high school.

And the cooked meals continue to arrive at least twice weekly with more than enough for leftovers. We like the homemade ones best, even the black-beans-and-rice health-food concoction the other day, but they’re all good. And free, too. Who could argue with free?

Mrs. Charm

I’ve been considering this for a while now and I’ve finally decided to give Mr. Boy’s mom an anonymouse name of her own, instead of just referring to her as his mom, etc., which sounds sort of like I’m a stepdad, which is not the case. I will even give her a separate category of her own, so I can do posts on her doings, now and then. I did steal the name from the same nice blog where I filched the map of the "soler system," but there it’s Mr. Charm, so, their being of different genders, I doubt we’ll get them mixed up. In this blogosphere, we all learn from each other. More or less.