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Obama the actor and Hillary the body double

The Z man is quite funny sometimes, and none more so than in these final days of the quadrennial presidential whizbang, the circus Felonia keeps skipping, sleeping her way through the campaign, and sending her body doubles out to debate Trump.

Who is ever more desperate to wipe off the slime the Democrat news media (80 to 85 percent of big media, as Rudy G. recently put it) keeps pouring on him.

“…the one thing about Bubba that we can probably say with certainty,” writes the Z man. “His entire life has been organized around getting laid….Hillary is different…For all anyone knows, she could be a head in a jar and those old fat women we see waddling around from time to time are just body doubles…All of her capers somehow involve her putting cash in her purse. Back in Arkansas, she was the one involved in the phony land deals, bank jobs and influence peddling. Today, she is the one running the money laundering operations, that necessitated the secret e-mail system…”

And Obama? Is he real or is he Memorex, as an old television ad once had it? The Z Man again: “Obama may as well be an actor, for as much as anyone knows about the guy. Even after all these years, his back story remains a mystery to most Americans. He’s simply the young version of  Morgan Freeman playing President in Deep Impact. Staff write his speeches, prepare him for the fake interviews they stage for the public and otherwise direct every aspect of his public performance.”

And he is incredbily boring. Even his cow of a wife, Moochele, is merely a creditable stand-in for Chewbacca. Better looking, maybe, in a way, than the other animals in Star Wars, but still a wookie.

Via The Z Man