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Obama: the architect of American decline

Our Democrat news media acts as if it’s only natural for us to re-elect (and, above all, like it) a leader who has brought us $4 gasoline, less than 1 percent interest on savings (which growing inflation already exceeds) and a burgeoning epidemic of double-digit unemployment among 20-somethings. Especially—ironically—young blacks and Hispanics.

Where do the Democrats think the workerbees will come from to pay the taxes to support all the new welfare recipients the Democrats are feverishly signing up and waiving work rules for? Oh, yes, the rich. You bet. The “rich” of the oldest Democrat lie who have always turned out to be the middle class. What’s left of it after four years of Obama’s regulatory assault on business and finance.

Dinesh D’Souza sure has it right: Obama the anti-colonialist won’t be happy until all but he and his cronies are in the poorhouse and the federal government is bankrupt. Is it quite too late to stop him? Probably, yes.

White guilt, which elected this dishonest creature in the first place, is likely to give him a re-election landslide.

UPDATE:  It obviously doesn’t help that so much of the news media is unashamedly in the bag for Obama. If a Republican were president, we’d immediately see the difference in coverage:

“What would appear on the front pages and at the top of the network news broadcasts? There would be stories on long-term unemployment, stagnant wages, brutalized net worth, and credit downgrades.

“There would be stories on last weekend’s brazen attack on our base in Afghanistan, which led to the deaths of two Marines and the loss of eight Harrier jets. The White House would be slammed for its changing and evasive explanation of the murder of a U.S. ambassador and his security officers.”

As Rand Simberg says: “People who vote for Romney aren’t just voting against Barack Obama — they’ll be voting against the media.”