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Onward, through the fog…

Found out today at scheduled eye appointment that I have a complication: my new right-eye lens has slipped down, due to some tissue underneath it that tore when I was unconsciously squinting hard during the operation, and some subsequent rubbing of the itching eye during sleep, after I had stopped (as planned) wearing a plastic shield over the eye when sleeping.

The slippage is causing a doubling of overhead lights and even shiny doorknobs. So now I need a second surgery in which the lens will be moved back to center and sutured in place so it can’t move. This time they aim to put me all the way to sleep, being intubated (tube down the throat), so, hopefully, I won’t be squinting again. All this before the left eye is done, now probably not until April. Onward, through the fog…

Oat Willie’s


A recent poster of the Oatman. No slogan on it, tho’.

This is for the head shop. Hence the “high above.” For years, however, the “head” shop was right across the street from the city police station. Which had to give you pause.

Onward through the fog

The title phrase is an old Austin expression, which I lightheartedly used the other day for the first time in years. It was the slogan of Oat Willie, Austin artist Gilbert Shelton’s comic book character. The Oatman was often seen in his underwear, astraddle a wheeled trash receptacle holding aloft a blazing torch.

Later Oat Willie’s became the name of a local head shop. By which some understandably assume the fog was a cloud of happy weed. But I suspect that since the expression has been known to be used in the drug law-enforcing Texas Legislature, what is meant is that the future is foggy under most conditions.