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The misfortune of Ebonic names

Bernie, at Planck’s Constant, points to a Harvard study showing that people with Ebonic names like Tabiqwa, or Bershawn are much less likely to be hired than those with standard English names. Fortunately, Bernie quotes from the key parts of the study because Harvard seems to have taken down the link.

No surprise either way, of course. Harvard’s nothing if not PC and who wants an employee whose name you can’t pronounce, much less spell? If you are a business person who is, nevertheless, tempted to hire someone with an Ebonic name because, as fate would have it. they are otherwise outstanding, you should at least avoid names with double meanings.

Such as my all-time personal favorite: Latrina.

Or Pajamas (pronounced paj-a-mas), both of which are real names of real (well, semi-real) people. The second one came from a single (what else?) semi-illiterate mom in Mississippi who reputedly went name shopping in a  Sears catalog. I’m not sure where Latrina came from, other than ignorance.

Bernie thinks Trayvon got his young black ass blown up because his Ghetto Fabulous moniker gave him a bad attitude that proved suicidal. Could be. Who’d want to be called Trayvon, even on a good day? Although it’s certainly better than sharing the name of a toilet.

UPDATE:  Wonder how much of this (black teen unemployment hits 41 percent) is caused by that? They sure got a deal in Wormtongue, didn’t they?

Good news from academia

Yes, good news! They’re not all conformists, toeing the Marxist race, class and gender line and teaching political partisanship and uniformity.

“…academics from the start helped to drive the polarizing racial narrative that became inseparable from the Trayvon Martin case. And in the aftermath of the not-guilty verdict, academics have continued the effort to poison public opinion.”

The National Association of Scholars is a different breed in a stupendously-conformist culture that has finally led intelligent parents to question the value of going into hock for their offspring to get a college degree.

Via Instapundit.

Our thug culture

Making a rock star out of the Islamic Boston bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone is the latest example of our thug culture. Hip hop “music” with its lyrics about whores and killing niggas is another example. White teenage boys like Mr. B. soak up the cynical lyrics alongside their favorite headbanger noise.

Look how the alphabet stations and the big newspapers knowingly stuck with a photo of a baby-faced Trayvon at 8 12 years old, instead of the sullen, gold-grill 17-year-old who sold and smoked marijuana and stole jewelry.

Then they ignored Zimmerman’s mixed-race heritage and by uniquely dubbing him a “white-Hispanic” turned him into “an honorary white male steeped in white privilege.” All to elevate a young black thug into a pitable victim of pretend racism and give the Revs. Al and Jesse a new lease on “leadership.”

And you could go back even farther. How about the musical Guys & Dolls, with its catchy, hummable songs (Luck Be A Lady) celebrating the blood-soaked gangsters of the New York underworld and their hooking-up floozies? It almost won a Pulitzer for drama.

And don’t forget Bonnie & Clyde. They got a hit movie thirty years after their deaths for their small store (not banks, as their publicists claimed) robberies and killing at least nine cops.

It all may seem more vulgar and dishonest today than ever before, and maybe it is, but the squalid nonsense is old, very old in a culture that has always been much less than it pretended to be.

Via Phase Line Birnam Wood and Instapundit.

Vigilantism not racism killed Trayvon

Vigilantism is where the undisputed facts lead, not to the racism that the usual race provacateurs Al, Jesse, Farrakhan, and the New Black Panthers are shrilly insisting upon for their own benefit. Not to mention our phony post-racial president  for his own political reasons.

Not that Trayvon’s assailant Zimmerman couldn’t be a racist. But Z is undeniably a vigilante, and a mixed-race Hispanic, not the white bogeyman of the race provacateurs’ fantasies. Yet the media calls him a “white Hispanic.” That’s like calling the mixed-race Obama a white African American, which they don’t. How long is the conformicrat media going to continue to conspire with Al and his pals in taking us on these fraudulent race rides?

UPDATE:  Turns out the Sanford police had a witness all along, who said Martin (who wasn’t the little boy of the media photos but a 17-year-old football player) was beating Zimmerman when he was shot, which explains why they didn’t arrest the self-styled vigilante—whether they should have is another question.

MORE:  As for Jesse’s shriek that “blacks are under attack,” well, that’s true. But it’s from other blacks:

“Black boys do face a much higher chance than non-blacks that they will be shot…Black males between the ages of 14 and 24 were seven times more likely to die of homicide in 2007 than white and Hispanic males of the same age group combined. But the danger they face comes overwhelmingly from other black males, whose homicide offending rate in the 14 to 24 age category was nearly ten times higher than that of young white and Hispanic males combined.”