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Dropping the “public option”?

Even if that proves to be the case, in a truncating of Obamacare, and it would be welcome, there are, nevertheless, plenty of other government-intrusive, central-planning and rationing schemes still afloat.

AND:  Stunts like these pulled by Houston’s idiot congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee don’t help a bit.


Great sign here: "Government Healthcare: The Efficiency of FEMA & the Compassion of the IRS."

Not to mention penny-pinching, rationing, and probable loss of choice, timely care and treatment advances. If the Dems were honest about this, they would rejuvenate and expand Medicaid for the poor and leave the rest of us alone.

Take two aspirin and, uh, call, uh, who?

Nevermind the inevitable higher taxes and rationing that national health care will bring. First, try to find enough doctors, particularly general practitioners. There aren’t enough of them now. Can you imagine the government quickly increasing the supply, such that you would really want to be treated by one?

UPDATE: Let the rationing begin. Barry’s chosen just the guy to do it. Course it won’t affect Barry and his cronies. Just you and me. Health care rationing, like paying taxes, is for the little people. The elite buy $540 shoes while lecturing the rest of us on how to live, eh Michelle? Great portrait, by the way.