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When Issac hits New Orleans today

Well, I’m sure we won’t be hearing about how President Obozo hates black people.* Although his feckless economic policies certainly have raised their unemployment level sky high.

It’s going to be comical to watch FEMA fall all over its own feet again despite its incentive to be efficient for the fellow Democrat in the White House. What will be different this time is the media won’t be screaming bloody murder and Sean Penn and his Hollywood pals won’t be paddling into Sin City on canoes for some cheap angst and, oh, BTW, publicity. NOLA will be on its own. Good luck, folks. Irony is about to blow into town.

As for Tampa, which Issac missed, Ellen Barkin is still barkin’, a hasbeen actress whose violent leftist rhetoric makes her pro-life targets look benign by comparison. What is it about celebrity that makes celebrities think we care about their politics? Go down to the Gulf and soak your head, Ellen.

* This time Romney got the blame for “partying while black people drown” from a Yahoo News guy who, surprise, surprise, later got fired for the remark. That’s progress, I suppose.

Goodbye health insurance, hello FEMA

“…the most basic human right, the right to bargain in a free marketplace.”

–from The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein

Mrs. Charm insists that we’ll still keep our health insurance under Obamacare. But it’s becoming obvious that is not the plan. The Dems want us all to report to FEMA, or its equivalent, whenever we have a health problem that costs more than a few bucks to remedy. You know, FEMA, that oh-so-efficient bureaucracy?

If the Dems were truly about fixing health care to help the poor, they’d reform Medicaid and Medicare to do it. Make both less restrictive, more inclusive, cheaper to get, more efficient, etc. Right now, among Medicaid’s problems, it requires states to pony up matching funds for every dollar the feds contribute. That doesn’t work in states like Texas where raising taxes is a sure road to political death.

So eliminate the matching funds. Fund the whole thing from Washington. Why not? The Senate deal for passage of their bill included full funding for Nebraska. Why not the rest of the states?

As for Medicare, we know of one local fellow who pays extra-high premiums to Medicare to be covered for a pre-existing problem. Well, why not eliminate such restrictions? I mean if the aim truly is to help the poor?

Doctors don’t like Medicare because it seldom pays what they spend on treatment. Apparently that will only get worse under the Senate bill recently passed. So change that, too. Or is Obamacare about something else entirely?

Maybe this: IMO, Obama immediately siding with the black professor over the white middle class cop brought into question Obama’s racial neutrality. That suspicion has carried over to the health plan that looks more and more like a transfer payment from the private middle class sector to the minority community that is more dependent on the government.”

Maybe. But it still doesn’t explain why a reformed Medicaid and Medicare wouldn’t be enough. Unless, Ol’ Barry really is a doctrinaire Socialist who just can’t stand the thought of a free market. Except for him and his elite friends, of course.

UPDATE:  Indeed, Mickey Kaus says the Dems outlook could be grim.


Great sign here: "Government Healthcare: The Efficiency of FEMA & the Compassion of the IRS."

Not to mention penny-pinching, rationing, and probable loss of choice, timely care and treatment advances. If the Dems were honest about this, they would rejuvenate and expand Medicaid for the poor and leave the rest of us alone.

Texas wildfires

We thought the smoke in the air yesterday was the usual spring influx from the Chiapan farmers of southern Mexico burning the scrub off their fields to prepare for planting.

But it was actually coming from the northwest, above Fort Worth, where the drought-induced wildfires have burned-out a couple of small towns. Since some one hundred ninety-nine counties are affected so far, the governor has called for help from the national guard and FEMA. More wildfires appear to be burning around the Fort Hood area which is closer to the rancho but still a comfortable distance. Forecast rain tonight and tomorrow will help, if it shows up.