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The Democrat economy starts to bite

Where have all of Wal-Mart’s customers gone?

“If Walmart sales don’t recover in the next few months, we may be in for a bumpy ride.”

Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Via Megan McArdle

UPDATE:  The “mysterious” rise in gasoline prices isn’t helping. Those racist oil companies must be trying to make King Putz look bad. They should pass a law or sumthin’.

There is no law of averages

As Barry prepares to jet off to Copenhagen to promise to continue our descent to the poorhouse by cutting our carbon emissions to make the dictator’s club (i.e. the UN) happy, the climate naysaying is mounting.

Statistician, AMS member and blogger William M. Briggs shows the illogic in Barry’s logic:

"Diminishing glaciers did not prove AGW; they were instead a verification that ice melts when it gets hot. Fewer polar bears did not count in favor of AGW; it instead perhaps meant that maybe adult bears prefer a chill to get in the mood. People sidling up to microphones and trumpeting ‘It’s bad out there, worse than we thought!’ was not evidence of AGW; it was evidence of how easily certain people could work themselves into a lather."

Briggs is the self-published author of an amusing book on the law of averages that isn’t.

Meanwhile, Canadian businessman Stephen McIntyre, the famous blogger debunker of the infamous hockey stick "proof" for AGW gets a timely writeup in the WSJ.

Even (gasp) cBS is weighing in objectively (what will they think of next) on the hacked emails.

And blogger Megan McArdle, who (cough, spit) actually believes in AGW, notes the real problem with those emails: the major climate model predicting doom ahead could be rubbish. A little item financed in part by (you guessed it) the American taxpayer.

Oops, now there’s more climate science faking in New Zealand.

So will Barry notice any of this stuff and unbutton if not completely remove his climate hairshirt and spend more time trying to get our economy back on track? Naw. That’s above his pay grade. Apparently.

Obamacare Derailed, temporarily


Well, as Paul at Power Line (where I got this) more or less said, I hope the Blue Dog Dems are capable of keeping this malarky stopped. I still don’t get it. If the rationale is to help the poor, why not help them? Reform Medicaid and Medicare. LBJ had the right idea. His programs were crippled by insane regulations over the years.

So fix them. Do some real work for a change. No need to screw the rest of us. As Megan McArdle says, monopolies don’t innovate. Take away competition and our "best health care in the world" goes down the tubes.

UPDATE:  Great, new anti-ObamaCare ad, with suggestions from commenters for even better ones. My fav, from Portlandon, is: "Uncle Joe getting a rejection letter for his liver cancer surgery, followed by a gunshot. The letter falls like a feather to the floor at his feet."


Great sign here: "Government Healthcare: The Efficiency of FEMA & the Compassion of the IRS."

Not to mention penny-pinching, rationing, and probable loss of choice, timely care and treatment advances. If the Dems were honest about this, they would rejuvenate and expand Medicaid for the poor and leave the rest of us alone.